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To tell a Story Or Nawt?

by on Apr.25, 2015, under General

When I do wedding or ports (portraitz) I have the choice to tell a story.

I just want to hop in and do the Charlie Brown Dance right now…but I stop and thawt I’d let yo know dis is whatz comin down the trackz.

Here’s two photos…  Which one has more of a story?  I know.  Whaz coolio is dat you can make up your own story.


On the Right…dis baby.  Is there a story?   IN comparison to the one below?  You tell me?






man in thoghtDid this guy lose something?  Love something…….wassup? Is he waiting for a Limo in Tampa Bay?  Fo’ sure more of a story here.  What do you think?  Imma talk bout it nxt time.

Update: I’m now working with a guy who sells Kyani.  Not sure what that is, but he wants me to take photos after seeing the ones on this page. Cool huh?

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Photography is for Killas.

by on Apr.25, 2015, under General

Real life, Kick ass, I don’t care if you like me or not Photography advice!  And yes…you brides can learn something too!

Welcome to my nasty kick azz full of suga schpill!  We gonna rock the hizouse with some great knowledge in here!  We’ll start with a camera on my first blog roll n’dat. Dis is my Photography WORLD (yeah…the World Yo!)pittsburgh

First of all…everyone just chill chill chill.

I’m gonna be about sharing my photography and all that good stuffs but I will also share my knowledge of photography and how to handle a camera.

Shoot!  If you’re here to just learn shortcuts…GET OUT.

This is a photography website fo’ REAL peeps.

There ain’t no time for people who just do trixs for a dime!

We talkin’ about real smeal, got yo’ shit together hard work learning and practicing the real deal photo schpill.

I can’t wait to share!  After I get my care back from the body shop, Imma going to strat taking more photos and shit.

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