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Some Cool Images from my Backyard

by on Dec.09, 2015, under General

The one thing I like about facebook is that it allows you to so easily share photos.  I have so many photos (over 10,000) that I probably need to start my own stock photo collection.

I’m kind of dumb because I haven’t already.  

I’m looking into a way to get all those photos and put them on this blog for sale for a dollar or less.  You know…might as well get some money for the photos right?

I love photography so everywhere I go, I’m generally taking photos.  I enjoy taking photos of still lifes more than I do of people sometimes.

There’s something about looking at just the pure composition of a photograph and not worrying about a facial expression adding to the emotion of the photograph.

As emotional beings, I like the idea that we put our own emotions on inanimate objects.

It’s an interesting idea to me.

Things like the color red we associate with blood, war, anger or LOVE.

It’s interesting to me that emotions we feel from photographs of places we’ve never seen anywhere but in the photograph itself.

For that reason, photographs are amazing.

They document a moment and very sharp focus in time and leave a bit of calm inside of you as you are forced to pause and look at the world the way I do too sometimes.

I’d be interested in photographing the exact opposite of what I seek in the pin point precision but I’m scared of what I might find.

What if war photos are the only ones that are “busy” enough to combat the peace I find in a flower petal, butterfly wing or the end of a fork?

It’s scary to think a photograph can do all of that and the person on the other end is to remain subjective.

Here are some photographs I took of object so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Here’s one where I put a quote. I thought for a little while I could sell quoted photos…but…oh well!

wowman writer



Here’s some without quotes:

orangeflower orchids

These were completed at Phipp’s conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have a ton from that day but this is what I was able to find tonight.

Let’s talk about emotion.

Are you getting anything?

All I get is calm and the sense of beauty.

The symmetry in the plants themselves make these a calm photo.  Perhaps I should find flowers that don’t emit calm? What kind of challenge would that be?

Here’s a one that’s a little more edgy.  It’s interesting too because it’s a Wild Iris that I found on the same day I had to go see that Wexford Chiropractor for my back because I was stooping over so much!   Of course I told him I’m a photographer, but I didn’t get anything but a little bit of money to help him build a website.  Crazy huh?



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