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by on Jul.21, 2015, under General

I don’t know why it takes me forever to be able to figure out how to run a blog, but I was able to snap some shots of these beautiful children the other day!

I figure I might as well share them and I’ll talk about why or why not these photos work and don’t work and then maybe I’ll try to make a commitment to talk more about photography because it is one of the things I love to do in the world.  I’m thinking I should overhall this site and make it do something for other photographers in the world but for now, I’ll make it my little blog about photographs and talk about photos and dis and dat.

photography worldOk. So let’s talk about his photo:  Composition? Not too bad.  I really like the 1/3 rule being followed there by the midline of the girl’s body and the slides in the background. Pretty cool eh?  The bokeh is pretty nice but I fell like the tone and the warmth might need to be improved..that’s just more my style.

Overall a pretty nice photo. The little girl’s face has a nice Mona Lisa Type Smile and I’m digging how she’s leaning on the green ting and how the green thing kind of ads a certain dynamic that is comparable to the purple ruffle on her shirt.

You’re eye should hit the girls face and then roll real smooth down the photo and off to the right with the slides. It’s pretty good movement overall and there is balance formed with the darker trees in the background.

Who knew so much was going on in a simple portrait right?




photography world portraitsLet’s talk about this little devil. Just kidding! If you are the mother of this child and you read that, please don’t get mad.…What bugs me here?  It’s overexposed at the top of her head. She’s  too much in shadow on her chin and the focus is slightly off.

Seems to me that the hair on the left is sharper than the eye and I just hate that.

Good notes?  I love how the angle of the dress on the right echos the angle of the railings. The eye line is good on the thirds ruls but I feel like something is still off.  Not sure what.’s a cute photo but if we nit pick, there are lots of things that could have been taken better care of.

That’s the thing about photography though, you never know what the conditions were when the photo was shot and therefor part of the challenge is being able to capture those conditions with the photo and utilizing your photography skills to maximize the image upfront.

The better you get at taking sharp and purposeful shots (meaning you intentionally get the image you want) in the beginning with JUSt the camera, the less time you have to spend on the back end editing and kind of “faking” your way around a good shot.

Cropping and stuff like that is ok if you’re a beginner but you dont’ want to rely on it because it takes you away from what you love most, which is getting out there and taking fantastic photography shots.

So..I hope to get on here and do a little more photo blogging but you never know what life throws at you …so we’ll see!  :)   Here’s on of my latest projects….it’s a little more scary that you would think!

This is for the Largo Roofing Company in Largo Florida for my friend Jesse.

largo roofing company

I’m actually not sure who took the photo but I hate that the forehead on this guy has a big glare on it.  I’m not up for climbing roofs (yet) but I am helping place these images on his site.   The other thing that bugs me?  The balance of the roof. If you are selling roofing, shouldn’t you show more roof?  I don’t know.

And last but not least…I do like the angle of the roofing shingles in this guy’s hand.  I life the motion of the blue in the sky just to the right of this guy and I like to kind of glide my gaze down the shingles.  It’s kind of like an eyeball playground right?  So fun!

Until next time peeps!



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