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by on May.22, 2015, under General

One of the biggest things that I run into for this site and for my photography is the fact that time…its goes by.

I am constantly wanting to capture moments and documents things and I just am too busy with other stuff (not an excuse at all) or I forget my camera.

I need a permanent attachment to place my camera on my body so I never go anywhere without it….so…I will be reviewing different ways to carry a camera and different products that actually do kind of attach a camera to you.

When I shoot weddings, these products are invaluable…If I’m on the roof of a venue, I don’t want my camera to fall off of me  (not that I photographs on roofs…but I have…it’s a was a flat apartment roof and a very interesting couple!)

So how do you find time to photograph?

Here’s 3 tips of how to find time to photograph:

1. Get a sitter.  Yes…hire someone to watch your kids and you husband if need be.  Demand time for yourself and get out there and get one on one with nature (because it’s everywhere)

2. Take your camera to family events.  (Don’t worry..they’ll get use to it and when you show them the kick ass photos that you take, they’ll actually come to expect it)

3. Start a club, join a club.  SPEND money on it and that generally helps to make it more of priority.  Don’t knock it till you try it. I use to lose my sunglasses every years until one year I bought a $100 pair…and you know I have those things for 10 years now?  That’s $10 a year instead of the $30 I was spending each year to replace the ones I lost or broke.  You’ve got to make things worth your time…and then make sure to give them their due attention.


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