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Time to Photograph

by on May.22, 2015, under General

One of the biggest things that I run into for this site and for my photography is the fact that time…its goes by.

I am constantly wanting to capture moments and documents things and I just am too busy with other stuff (not an excuse at all) or I forget my camera.

I need a permanent attachment to place my camera on my body so I never go anywhere without it….so…I will be reviewing different ways to carry a camera and different products that actually do kind of attach a camera to you.

When I shoot weddings, these products are invaluable…If I’m on the roof of a venue, I don’t want my camera to fall off of me  (not that I photographs on roofs…but I have…it’s a was a flat apartment roof and a very interesting couple!)

So how do you find time to photograph?

Here’s 3 tips of how to find time to photograph:

1. Get a sitter.  Yes…hire someone to watch your kids and you husband if need be.  Demand time for yourself and get out there and get one on one with nature (because it’s everywhere)

2. Take your camera to family events.  (Don’t worry..they’ll get use to it and when you show them the kick ass photos that you take, they’ll actually come to expect it)

3. Start a club, join a club.  SPEND money on it and that generally helps to make it more of priority.  Don’t knock it till you try it. I use to lose my sunglasses every years until one year I bought a $100 pair…and you know I have those things for 10 years now?  That’s $10 a year instead of the $30 I was spending each year to replace the ones I lost or broke.  You’ve got to make things worth your time…and then make sure to give them their due attention.


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Forensic Photography

by on May.18, 2015, under General

I want to start blogging about the different type of photography.

It is hard for me to stay focused to write about photography because photography is more about taking photos of the world than it is writing about the world.

I came a across a story the other day that a student of mine presented and it just reminded me why I love photography.

Just like the world, we have a choice of what we do …as photographers we have a choice of what we photograph.

If we want to find happiness and be happy, if forensic photography something that can help us do that?

Think about it…  What if you had to take photographs of scenes where crimes took place every day?

Would you feel good because you knew you were helping or bad because you see more of it in the world.

For me?

I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I have to see happiness and good stuff in the world to continually fill my happy cup.

Even taking photographs of car accidents would be a very hard task for me.

I’d rather take photos of the before an after of the car…not the place where the accident happened. It just makes me so sad.


Call me Crazy.

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Photographs Tell Stories

by on May.05, 2015, under General

If you see a photo of a limousine…you know the story probably involves money right?

Well yes and no.  Perhaps it’s not just money ..maybe there is more to it.

What if the whole reason you are looking a photograph of  limousine is because the person who took the photo got in a car accident and his car is in the body shop so they chose to ride around in limousines.

man!  I have to post some photos on this bad body!

Check this hilarious film I found:

I only say hilarious because seriously?  They are advertising car wrecks in a pretty dramatic way.

All jest aside…I do kind of like it. I’m not a huge fan of the photos used but I do like the one photo in this video of teh black car that has a sunset on it.

I couldn’t find who took that photograph but it is pretty darn cool.  I have no idea what the use for a photo like that would be but I think that it is definitely worth a view.  Definitely not something I would be putting up in my house for display though.

So getting in a car accident and finding a body shop.  I suppose I should stop and take more pics of accidents.  That seems kind of morbid though.

Next time, I’ll talk about setting up lighting for taking photos of cars without leaving a glare.  I had a good friend who me how to do this and it is an impressive amount of preparation for sure!


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Collecting Photos

by on May.04, 2015, under General

You should collect photos everywhere you go.  That’s my take on it.

You never know when you’re going to need a photo and when you can sell a photo.

Always, Always. Always, have your camera with you.

I have been getting lazy on this lately and I regretted it the other day because I missed a chance to get this guy’s tow truck that was in a ditch.

It was very interesting to day the least. It’s not often that you see tow trucks that need towed…but it Did!

If I would have had my camera on me, I could have taken photos of the crazy scene and gotten some really interesting images of the underside of the auto body tow truck in order to use as a background on my screen saver.

For some reason the tow truck owner actually painted the bottom of his car so it was super neato.  I like photographs of pipe and things that are patterned.  I have no idea why though.


So..One step to becoming a better photographer?  ALWAYS have your camera on you.  And Practice, Practice Practice!

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To tell a Story Or Nawt?

by on Apr.25, 2015, under General

When I do wedding or ports (portraitz) I have the choice to tell a story.

I just want to hop in and do the Charlie Brown Dance right now…but I stop and thawt I’d let yo know dis is whatz comin down the trackz.

Here’s two photos…  Which one has more of a story?  I know.  Whaz coolio is dat you can make up your own story.


On the Right…dis baby.  Is there a story?   IN comparison to the one below?  You tell me?






man in thoghtDid this guy lose something?  Love something…….wassup? Is he waiting for a Limo in Tampa Bay?  Fo’ sure more of a story here.  What do you think?  Imma talk bout it nxt time.

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Photography is for Killas.

by on Apr.25, 2015, under General

Real life, Kick ass, I don’t care if you like me or not Photography advice!  And yes…you brides can learn something too!

Welcome to my nasty kick azz full of suga schpill!  We gonna rock the hizouse with some great knowledge in here!  We’ll start with a camera on my first blog roll n’dat. Dis is my Photography WORLD (yeah…the World Yo!)pittsburgh

First of all…everyone just chill chill chill.

I’m gonna be about sharing my photography and all that good stuffs but I will also share my knowledge of photography and how to handle a camera.

Shoot!  If you’re here to just learn shortcuts…GET OUT.

This is a photography website fo’ REAL peeps.

There ain’t no time for people who just do trixs for a dime!

We talkin’ about real smeal, got yo’ shit together hard work learning and practicing the real deal photo schpill.

I can’t wait to share!  After I get my care back from the body shop, Imma going to strat taking more photos and shit.

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